10u-14u Foundation Philosophy

Below are the guidelines as to how we operate our teams and our program’s focus at the 10u-14u level. This is thefoundation our program will be built upon and expected at all levels:

• Learning how to play the right way – hustling everywhere, playing hard but clean, having a good attitude, being a good teammate etc. Development of physical and mental skills.

• Learning how to compete and win is just as important. Not a win at all costs coaching philosophy, however, understanding how competing for no matter the circumstance helps each athlete grow. We expect a high level of accountability and competition or else we are missing big time developmental benefits. Wins and losses don’t matter; playing to win does.

• Learning what work ethic is and why it is important. Each kid gets an opportunity but players at all ages need to learn how to deal with failure and respond positively to it. This is a major part of development.