15u+ College Prep Philosophy

For our 15u and older teams, focusing on getting ready for the next level is the capstone of our program.

While we focus the development at all levels, our older teams are geared more towards already knowing the basics and taking the game to a more intricate level. We expect all of our players to know the fundamentals and exercise our core values at all times. This does not only mean that one has demonstrated their success on the field via performance but also demonstrated success by being responsible, accountable, coachable, and a well-rounded player (on and off the field). We believe in playing the most well-rounded players, not just the most skill and developmentally ready players.

Each player at 15u and up should expect to play college baseball. We have a great network of college coaches. We will do everything we can to help deserving players find a home at the next level. That being said, if players are not willing to exercise our values and expectations, our staff will not go to bat for them. Our program network was built upon truthful evaluations with college coaches and we will continue to do so. Not doing so puts the program as a whole at risk, which in turn effects other players. This culture of expectation and accountability will not be altered.